January 25, 2012

Why I’m happy about Apple’s amazing results.

After Apple’s Insanely Great financial results yesterday, I have taken great pleasure in reading some of the very nice “victory lap” type articles from the likes of DHH (Watching Apple Win the World) and MG Seigler (Why We Gloat).

After having thoroughly enjoyed those well written pieces, I wanted to take a moment to relate why I too am happy about yesterday’s financial results. My reasons are simple really. And they echo the sentiments of DHH, MG, Gruber and other smart folk from around the web.

Here it is: I look at Apple’s stellar results as evidence that the best products can win in the marketplace. That’s it. Nothing else. It as straight forward as that. Strive to be the best and the market will follow.

It’s wonderful that a business model laser focused on user experience can succeed. It’s not about commoditization; it’s not about licensing the OS to all comers to build whatever.

No. It’s about resolve. It’s about going left when everyone tells you to go right. For example, remember when the MacBook Air first came out? The tech press derided the product. “No one wants a full size screen & keyboard in a thinner package. It’s underpowered & overpriced. Apple optimized for the wrong dimensions!” they all said. “People want NetBooks!” But Apple stayed firm. They maintained their resolve. Steve famously stated “we can’t make crap. It’s not in our DNA”. And they stayed the course with the MacBook Air.. Steadily improving it.

Fast forward to today. The MacBook Air is the envy of the laptop world. So much so, that the rest of the PC gang is now slavishly copying it, trying to get in on the fun. Yeah the Ultrabook. Good times.

The MacBook Air (and of course the iPad & iPhone) embody what I so love about Apple. They just make great & innovative products which they stand behind and firmly believe in. That’s it. That is Apple’s high level go to market strategy.

Now the market is rewarding them. Well deserved.

Congrats Cupertino.

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