November 8, 2013

A Breath of Fresh Air

Finally in possession of my new iPad Air! Damn lovely piece of kit.

Okay, time out. Time to level set. Let me preface this piece with some cold harsh reality.

Make no mistake, if you’re coming from a year with the mini, as I am, the Air still feels like a behemoth.

Yes, I know. That was a bit of a bombshell. But it’s true. The Air still feels a bit big and heavy to my hands. That being said, after using the new “full size” tablet for a couple of days, the trade offs seem well worth it. The screen feels positively huge & engaging. Typing is easier both in “hold iPad in portrait mode and type with your thumbs," as well as "rest iPad in your lap in landscape mode and type with your fingers." Typing speed is just way faster and more accurate.

Now back to weight and thickness. The mini is like holding a butterfly, compared to all other iPads it is practically weightless. That experience is not even remotely approximated by the Air (regardless of what other reviews out there may have stated). However, the Air is more than light enough to be a go anywhere, use everywhere device. It is not as deftly portable as the mini, but it is portable. The Air is comfortable to hold for long periods of time. And as stated previously, the screen size & quality is the killer feature.

mini vs Air 1

For where I want to take my tablet use going forward the big expansive display of the iPad Air is where I want to be. I still love the mini. The experience of “anywhere computing” I’ve had over the past year has been great. But now, as a result of the iPad Air, I’m firmly back in the 9.7” camp.

mini vs Air 2

Using the Air:

  • Entails less pinching & zooming when using the web.
  • Allows for easier typing.
  • Provides a wonderful video watching experience.
  • Provides a bigger canvas for stylus related activities.

Yet it possesses comfortable enough dimensions to be used in most situations.

For me and my use cases, the iPad Air just provides more of what I want out of a tablet. Of course, your mileage may vary.

mini vs Air 3

June 16, 2013
Stream of Superior Consciousness turned 6 today! Oh yeah!

Stream of Superior Consciousness turned 6 today! Oh yeah!

March 12, 2013

Why Apple *should not* sidestep the Phablet.

Before you read this. First the read this well thought out article from John Moltz:

Why Apple Should Sidestep the Phablet

Read it? Good. Now my turn…

I humbly disagree with this article’s conclusion. Contrary to the opinion given therein, I think it would be a nice iPad mini-esque move for Apple to make a 5”, or even, 5”+ iPhone.

Yes, I know, no single smartphone model out there outsells the Apple 3.5” & 4” iPhones. They moved 48 million last quarter!

However, my championing of the 5” iPhone is not because sales of big-ass phones are threatening the iPhone. Clearly Moltz makes the case that they are not. I also don’t believe that Apple should make Phablets because other manufacturers are making them. That didn’t make sense with netbooks and it doesn’t make sense now. Many other tech companies make lots of things that make no sense. Apple doesn’t *need *to follow.

Rather my argument here is that Apple should make a 5” smartphone because it would be a useful product. A bigger, yet pocketable screen would, in fact, be useful. Bigger text, bigger content display, more typing area. But still pocketable. Yes it won’t be for everyone. The iPad mini is not for everyone. But, my friends, neither is the regular size iPad. One size does not fit all.

Now I’m not pitching that Apple take the machine gun approach and make a phone at every size on .5” intervals like our copycat buddies Samsung is fond of doing. That would be dumb. And yes, I’ll say it, very “un-Apple”.

What Apple needs to do is look at the device category, carefully select a couple of good sizes that serve the needs of the market and perfect the device at those sizes. This is what they have always done.

It worked in MacBooks (11”, 13” Airs; 13”, 15” Pros). Worked in iMacs (21”, 27”). Worked in iPods (Shuffle, Nano, Classic, Touch). Most recently worked in iPads (7.9” and 9.7”). So why would it not work in iPhones? (4” and 5”+)?

Why the hell not? Yes Phablets are large. For some, uncomfortably so. But for many others, Phablets are just right. I’m just postulating here, but for me, I’m guessing that a 5” or 5”+ iPhone would land me squarely in the “just right” camp.

February 8, 2013
December 25, 2012
A stunning photo of my wife on Christmas Day 2012. It’s been a wonderful day. I am truly blessed.

A stunning photo of my wife on Christmas Day 2012. It’s been a wonderful day. I am truly blessed.

December 23, 2012



Video: World’s largest outdoor LED TV.

The ‘C Seed 201’ is a 201 inch diagonal (5 meters!) backlit monster of a display, which stores away underground in a waterproof shaft. At the press of a finger on the remote control’s fingerprint scanner, the unit rises up and unfolds the screen, which can be rotated up to 270 degrees.

Some reports put the cost of the unit at around half a million Euros, although as the saying goes, “if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it”.

Now this is a home theater.

That’s it. I’m ordering one of these for the front lawn of the pool house… Pronto.

(Source: 8bitfuture)

December 3, 2012

Start of day: My new iPad mini arrived!

End of day: Probable “Man Card” revocation.

Why? you ask. Allow my wife Natasha to tell you the story:

So Farley’s Christmas/Birthday/Valentine’s Day/Anniversary present arrived by UPS today. It’s quite an awesome little device, and makes my ‘ol (7 month new) iPad 3 look like a clunker.

So some people such as the Gentleman in these pictures ( cough, cough 💨💨aka Farlz) claim it’s pocketable…..well kinda..if you’re planning on standing still and not going anywhere 😜.

So then, I noticed the skin for the back of the Pad….Ahem! So immediately I thought “Aww…how thoughtful, he really got this for me! ” So I was wrong. He actually picked this unique design for himself. I’m not judging but a flower! Really!?😁 Oh Gawd😱 I guess it’s up to me to rescue the Pad and order a different skin. I hope they have overnight delivery. 😊

So there it is my dear reader. A day that started with so much promise, ended in complete and utter shame.

November 13, 2012

Further Thoughts on “Why Apple couldn’t make the iPad mini with a Retina display”

Excellent article as always by Rene Ritchie over at Why Apple couldn’t make the iPad mini with a Retina display

I encourage you all to read it before coming back to this post.

Read it? Okay good.

One thing that Rene didn’t point out that needs to be discussed is why Retina for the iPad mini must be 2048x1536. Apple’s reasoning here is what is sadly lost on most people arguing for Retina in the mini. They are not so much arguing that 2048x1536 (324 PPI, 3,145,728 pixels) is easily doable today in iPad mini dimensions. They are consciously or subconsciously thinking:

Why couldn’t Apple do an iPad mini at similar PPI to a Nexus 7 (216 PPI) or Kindle Fire HD (216 PPI)?

By this they are implying: why not a resolution like 1400x1050? Which would be 4:3 and a Retina-ish 222 PPI. They would then hypotetically take out their calculators and proclaim:

1,470,000 is way less pixels to handle than 3,145,728!

What is lost here is that Apple also made a trade off in terms of App compatibility. Most pundits making the argument for Retina don’t understand this. That is, by going with either 1024x768 or a perfect doubling: 2048x1536; Apple could launch the mini with no changes to iPad software required. 1024x768 and 2048x1536 are the exact resolutions of iPads 1&2 and iPads 3&4 respectfully. If they had gone with say 1400x1050, while still 4:3, it is not an even integer multiple of the existing iPad resolutions. So scaled apps would not look quite right. Apple would have to letter box old apps and require devs to build mini resolution specific versions of existing and new apps to facilitate pixel perfect iPad mini software (this is essentially the iPhone 5 strategy albeit in two dimensions versus one). This would not have been a developer friendly nor user friendly approach (at least in regard to apps).

This would have satisfied bloggers and nerds that don’t know better and look at devices as buckets of specs. It would not have satisfied customers who unbox a mini at Christmas and want to select from a smorgasbord of 270 000 existing iPad apps that run natively on their shiny new device.

November 6, 2012

The Apple Haters’ 7 Stages of Grief

I wish I could take credit for this but I can’t. Got this from an forum posting from way back in June of 2010.

The forum poster’s moniker is The Real Blastdoor. Please join me in thanking him for this, because it is absolutely pure gold. Additionally, each and every word is true.

The Apple haters’ stages of grief go something like this:

  1. Predict failure of new Apple product
  2. Attribute early success of new Apple product to rabid fanbois affected by the reality distortion field
  3. Attribute longer term success of product to stupidity of consumers
  4. Purchase previously scorned product for stupid relatives so they stop bothering you to help support the open source version of Apple product sold by Super Lucky Technology Extreme Inc. that you convinced them to buy
  5. Purchase previously scorned product for yourself just to see what all the fuss is about
  6. Admit that you now own and use the product, but complain about the product’s lack of SD card slot on random Internet forum
  7. Forget prior criticism of product, claim that it was revolutionary and an example of how Apple used to be really innovative, but has now lost its edge

Rinse and repeat
Author: The Real Blastdoor on Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:05 am

November 3, 2012

Checking out the mini. Day 2.

Fondled the iPad mini again today. Still not totally feelin’ the non-Retina display for web browsing. But it was fine for everything else.

After extended time with the device.. Have to say I like the white mini better than the black. So…

I’ve changed my order!

Black LTE out.
White LTE in.

Just need that late November delivery date to hurry up & get here. Please.

Tablet trophy